100+ Speakers = 100% Fun

Like a DJ at the decks, speakers with PartyCast technology are able to hype the crowd onto the next level. PartyCast wirelessly synchronizes your music and beat-driven lightshow across an almost unlimited number of PartyCast-compatible speakers. Each new speaker in the group cranks the volume and intensifies the light.

In-house developed hardware and software ensure millisecond-perfect synchronization across every speaker. A unique DSP and CSB chip decode and broadcast the light and music, while a special synchronization logic keeps all speakers playing to the same beat.

  • 100+ Speakers

    Connect over 100 speakers into one PartyCast group.

  • Multi-Product Compatibility

    Simultaneously connect any PartyCast speakers into a single network.

  • More Input Options

    Broadcast any input on your Primary speaker. Includes microphone, guitar, RCA, AUX, and Bluetooth.

Flare 2

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